5 steps to an awesome TEDxYouth event

“I’m still not sure how you pulled that off.” Those were the words of my wife Sheryl a few hours after TEDxLFHS was officially in the books. The giant red letters were packed, the carpet was rolled, and the photo booth was folded back into the box – all that was left was reflection and… Continue reading 5 steps to an awesome TEDxYouth event

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mixtape1285 on the TED-Ed Blog!

Cool news: mixtape1285 was recently featured on the official TED-Ed Blog! Click here to check out the post – it features a 10-step guide to DIY a StoryCorps booth at your school. The post pretty much says it all, but if you’re in search of a TL/DR, here’s the gist: mixtape1285 is a student storytelling… Continue reading mixtape1285 on the TED-Ed Blog!

mixtape1285 · StoryCorps · TED

mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project

One of the cooler things I have going on right now is my involvement in the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. It’s funny how your life changes in unexpected ways – when I became a TED-Ed Club facilitator in 2014, I never dreamed I’d become so involved with TED. Since that spring, I’ve organized a TEDx… Continue reading mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project

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Who is the vanishing hitchhiker?

Have you heard the story of the Vanishing Hitchhiker? You know the one I’m talking about. A young man spots a girl hitchhiking along the side of the road late at night. He picks her up, and when they near her destination she vanishes from the car. Yeah, that’s the one. It actually happened to… Continue reading Who is the vanishing hitchhiker?


10 Observations about TEDYouth and TED-Ed Workshops

I must have accrued some serious karma in a previous life, because last weekend I was granted the unbelievable opportunity to attend TEDYouth in New York City and participate in workshops with the TED-Ed team. To put into context how this all happened, last spring I was invited to take part in the inaugural TED-Ed… Continue reading 10 Observations about TEDYouth and TED-Ed Workshops