10 Observations about TEDYouth and TED-Ed Workshops

I must have accrued some serious karma in a previous life, because last weekend I was granted the unbelievable opportunity to attend TEDYouth in New York City and participate in workshops with the TED-Ed team. To put into context how this all happened, last spring I was invited to take part in the inaugural TED-Ed… Continue reading 10 Observations about TEDYouth and TED-Ed Workshops


Ideas in Action: The LFHS TED-Ed Club

The LFHS TED-Ed Club officially launched Tuesday, and it was a spirited turnout. A dozen students (with more promising to join after the fall sports season) attended and engaged in some lively conversations. If you are new to TED-Ed Clubs, here’s a little background: it’s TED-Ed’s official initiative aimed at celebrating student ideas and giving them more of a voice via TED-style Talks. That’s it in a nutshell, but the clubs are more than that.


Stories, intimacy and honesty: my StoryCorps experience

Heard of StoryCorps? It’s an initiative that aims to capture and archive American’s stories. Story snippets are featured on NPR every Friday. StoryCorps won the TED Prize (a cool 1 million) in 2015. They have booths in Chicago, San Fran and Atlanta. A StoryCorps MobileBooth tours the country. They have a sleek app that turns your phone… Continue reading Stories, intimacy and honesty: my StoryCorps experience

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30 Days of ChromebookEDU – Day 8

So here I am on Day 8 of my MacBook Air detox, AKA, the 30 Day ChromebookEDU Challenge. It’s been a pretty smooth transition – again, I’ve been using Chromebooks for a few years, so there wasn’t any form of a learning curve. In the words of Collin Voigt, it’s been “easy peasy.” Onto my… Continue reading 30 Days of ChromebookEDU – Day 8

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30 Days of ChromebookEDU

In the spirit of Lake Forest High School’s 1:1 Chromebook rollout for all students, I’m embarking on a new challenge. Over the next 30 days, I’m attempting to answer the question: Can I use a Chromebook – and only a Chromebook, no other laptops/computers – for all of my professional EDU duties? Chromebooks aren’t new,… Continue reading 30 Days of ChromebookEDU

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TimelineJS 3: A Basic Primer

I just checked out TimelineJS 3 – Knight Lab’s update to the popular and versatile TimelineJS. Spoiler Alert: I really, really like it. Some key upgrades include simpler date entry, BCE support (yay!) and the ability to add background images. Everything just looks glossier and more sleek, of course. Here’s a quick start video about the… Continue reading TimelineJS 3: A Basic Primer


21 things I learned from organizing a TEDxYouth Event

TEDxLakeForestHighSchool dropped on Thursday, April 16th – and all things considered, the event was a huge success. Months of planning culminated in 16 students and 9 community adults gracing our stage, inspiring our small audience, and hopefully starting conversations that matter. Talks included how students would reinvent the high school classroom, LGBT representation in the… Continue reading 21 things I learned from organizing a TEDxYouth Event