5 steps to an awesome TEDxYouth event

“I’m still not sure how you pulled that off.” Those were the words of my wife Sheryl a few hours after TEDxLFHS was officially in the books. The giant red letters were packed, the carpet was rolled, and the photo booth was folded back into the box – all that was left was reflection and… Continue reading 5 steps to an awesome TEDxYouth event

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mixtape1285 on the TED-Ed Blog!

Cool news: mixtape1285 was recently featured on the official TED-Ed Blog! Click here to check out the post – it features a 10-step guide to DIY a StoryCorps booth at your school. The post pretty much says it all, but if you’re in search of a TL/DR, here’s the gist: mixtape1285 is a student storytelling… Continue reading mixtape1285 on the TED-Ed Blog!

mixtape1285 · StoryCorps · TED

mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project

One of the cooler things I have going on right now is my involvement in the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. It’s funny how your life changes in unexpected ways – when I became a TED-Ed Club facilitator in 2014, I never dreamed I’d become so involved with TED. Since that spring, I’ve organized a TEDx… Continue reading mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project


10 Observations about TEDYouth and TED-Ed Workshops

I must have accrued some serious karma in a previous life, because last weekend I was granted the unbelievable opportunity to attend TEDYouth in New York City and participate in workshops with the TED-Ed team. To put into context how this all happened, last spring I was invited to take part in the inaugural TED-Ed… Continue reading 10 Observations about TEDYouth and TED-Ed Workshops


Ideas in Action: The LFHS TED-Ed Club

The LFHS TED-Ed Club officially launched Tuesday, and it was a spirited turnout. A dozen students (with more promising to join after the fall sports season) attended and engaged in some lively conversations. If you are new to TED-Ed Clubs, here’s a little background: it’s TED-Ed’s official initiative aimed at celebrating student ideas and giving them more of a voice via TED-style Talks. That’s it in a nutshell, but the clubs are more than that.