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mixtape1285 on the TED-Ed Blog!

Cool news: mixtape1285 was recently featured on the official TED-Ed Blog! Click here to check out the post – it features a 10-step guide to DIY a StoryCorps booth at your school. The post pretty much says it all, but if you’re in search of a TL/DR, here’s the gist: mixtape1285 is a student storytelling… Continue reading mixtape1285 on the TED-Ed Blog!

mixtape1285 · StoryCorps · TED

mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project

One of the cooler things I have going on right now is my involvement in the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. It’s funny how your life changes in unexpected ways – when I became a TED-Ed Club facilitator in 2014, I never dreamed I’d become so involved with TED. Since that spring, I’ve organized a TEDx… Continue reading mixtape1285 – My TED-Ed Innovation Project


Stories, intimacy and honesty: my StoryCorps experience

Heard of StoryCorps? It’s an initiative that aims to capture and archive American’s stories. Story snippets are featured on NPR every Friday. StoryCorps won the TED Prize (a cool 1 million) in 2015. They have booths in Chicago, San Fran and Atlanta. A StoryCorps MobileBooth tours the country. They have a sleek app that turns your phone… Continue reading Stories, intimacy and honesty: my StoryCorps experience