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Steal My Stuff! Google Apps for Collaboration, Communication and Innovation

I recently finished teaching a course amongst colleagues at Lake Forest High School entitled, “Google Apps for Collaboration, Communication and Innovation.” The course description: “Interested in team-based challenges that get you collaborating, communicating and learning within Google Apps with fellow faculty members? This course invites you to get amped about the innovative features of Google Apps –… Continue reading Steal My Stuff! Google Apps for Collaboration, Communication and Innovation

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Peer Review through Screencasting

I love trying out new ideas with students – taking a traditional activity and reshaping and enhancing it using the digital tools that are readily available. So when it was time for an 11/12th grade AP Environmental Science class to evaluate their peer water quality projects, we (the teacher, a fellow instructional coach and I)… Continue reading Peer Review through Screencasting


Reflecting on peer-to-peer feedback

I was brainstorming with a teacher the other day about the age old question: how do we get students to give each other quality feedback of their work? Far too often I’ve seen students only dish the stock comments – good job, awesome, really cool, etc. When I taught writing it was difficult to coax… Continue reading Reflecting on peer-to-peer feedback

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The Amazing Race – Chromebook Style

If there’s one thing that still resonates from my time at Google Teacher Academy, it’s this: teamwork, teamwork, teamwork. Everything we did was collaborative and team-based. Every. Single. Thing. And while I pride myself on facilitating hands-on trainings with staff and students, the lovely folks at Google and CUE showed me that I can be… Continue reading The Amazing Race – Chromebook Style


5 Things I Learned From Google Teacher Academy

Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View (#gtamtv) is in the books. I returned from California three days ago, and I’m still buzzing about the experience. There was such a build-up for GTA, and now it’s over – but not really. Because in a way I still feel like I’m there. It wasn’t meant to be two… Continue reading 5 Things I Learned From Google Teacher Academy