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Jimmy Juliano edtech avenger contact meJimmy Juliano is aTED-Ed Innovative EducatorGoogle Certified Innovator (Mountain View 2014),and Google for Education Certified Trainer. He works as an Educational Technologist for Lake Forest High School, north of Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan (the views expressed in this blog are solely those of Jimmy). In this role, he collaborates with teachers to help them seamlessly infuse technology  into the curriculum. Jimmy is an ISBE state-certified technology specialist and holds a Master’s degree of Educational Psychology in Curriculum, Technology, & Education Reform (CTER) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Jimmy has helped to successfully integrate 1:1 Chromebooks, Google Apps and iPads into the classroom, and hopes to see a device in the hands of all students.

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Jimmy’s experiences in the classroom, curriculum and technology departments have emboldened his educational beliefs: technology integration is of the utmost importance, provided that it is driven by teaching, learning and curriculum. Today’s learner wishes to create, share and collaborate with others. These benchmarks of learning occur every day in quality classrooms, and they occur more fluidly through the infusion of digital tools. Computers, tablets and mobile devices open up innovative learning avenues for students that are tailored around learners’ interests and making authentic connections to the real world. Technology should not be seen as a separate entity in schools; it should be infused seamlessly into all areas of curriculum and the Common Core State Standards. As businesses, industry and higher education become more digitally-based, it is imperative that K-12 follows suit to adequately prepare our students for the challenges of the future.

Connect with Jimmy through Twitter (@jimmyjEDU) or send him an email. He would be thrilled to network, present, or work with your school district to help you meet your educational technology needs. If you are launching Google Apps or need professional development with the integration of Chromebooks or iPads, he would love to help.