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30 Days of ChromebookEDU

IMG_0229In the spirit of Lake Forest High School’s 1:1 Chromebook rollout for all students, I’m embarking on a new challenge. Over the next 30 days, I’m attempting to answer the question:

Can I use a Chromebook – and only a Chromebook, no other laptops/computers – for all of my professional EDU duties?

Chromebooks aren’t new, and neither is the Chromebook-only challenge. I’ve been using a Chromebook professionally and personally for over two years, but I’ve never devoted myself to it. Well, that’s about to change. If our students can use the Chromebook as their primary education tool, why can’t I? So, let’s do this. Here’s how I prepared:

  1. Took what I needed off of my Macbook Air. I live most of my life in Google Drive, but I often get lazy and save things to the desktop/downloads/whatever of my Mac. I went through and grabbed stuff that I need – mainly links to websites, pictures for TEDx and TED-Ed Clubs, downloaded PDFs, and various other things – and dumped them into a Google Drive folder. Anyone else partake in the bad habit of dragging websites to the desktop instead of bookmarking them or using a Chrome extension? Yeah, I’m that guy.
  2. Dumped my music into Google Play. My iTunes is always on. I took all of my music and created a new library at Google Music. I have a LOT of music, and I could start using Spotify, Pandora or YouTube, but this just seemed easier. Plus a lot of my music consists of Phish AUD recordings or film scores that have been spliced together on Garageband, so I wouldn’t be able to replicate it (I’m picky). So, my music is now in the cloud. And so far, it works great.
  3. Acquired a VGA->HDMI adaptor. Projecting shouldn’t be an issue.
  4. Shutdown my Mac, and stained it with my tears. Goodnight sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Really, that’s about it. I’ll be using the Lenovo Yoga 11e Chromebook – it’s a touchscreen/tablet combo. I’ll update frequently on successes, challenges, workarounds and new ways of doing things. In the words of Michael Scott, “Lets get it started! Black Eyed Crowes.”


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