I work in EdTech, but I’m not a tech guy

Tech GuyTech and EdTech are not mutually exclusive, but there is a distinction between the two. At least there is to me. The thing about EdTech is that the name should really change, because technology is practically invisible in daily society, and should be in our schools. Try this little experiment: ask a student what type of “technology” he or she likes to use. You’ll probably get an arched eyebrow or confused stare in return. Because smartphones, iPads and computers aren’t technology to kids. They are their daily lives. When you ask students about “technology” they might think of robots and spaceships – but certainly not a regular device they use to manage their personal existence. When it becomes life, it’s hard to call it technology anymore.

I realize the term EdTech is the name of my website and Twitter handle. If I could change it I would, but I’m kind of tied to it at this point. But the things I advocate for in schools are not “technology” anymore. The tools are ubiquitous. Instructional Technology and Educational Technology should really be called Ubiquitous Learning. Because that’s what I’m pushing for. And besides, I’ve never been a “tech guy.” Seriously. I have minimal personal interest in things like computer science and coding, but I’m super glad that a lot of smart and ambitious people are interested in those things. Because we need people in the world like that, or the devices and programs that have become ubiquitous wouldn’t exist. And if a student is interested in computer science, I will absolutely push him or her to pursue those interests. Because encouraging students to follow their passions and dreams is super important.

But computer science isn’t something that interests me. But that’s okay. Because I’m not a tech guy.

I’m not an iMovie guy, either. But I love creating films and sharing them with people. And iMovie allows me to do this.

I’m not a Twitter guy. I just really like connecting with like-minded people and staying up-to-the-second on news and media.

I’m not an iPhone guy. But I love staying connected to my family.

I’m not a computer science guy. Other people are, and that’s cool. I’m not.

I’m not a WordPress guy. But it’s an awesome medium for my blog and to share my writing and resources, so I dig it.

I’m not a troubleshooting guy. I just enjoy figuring things out and becoming more efficient at daily tasks. Then I like to share that knowledge with other people, because teaching people new and helpful things is important.

I’m not a Scrivener guy. But writing is my favorite hobby, and Scrivener fosters my creativity and helps me organize my words, sentences, paragraphs and chapters in a compelling manner. So Scrivener is perfect for me.

I’m not a GarageBand guy. I just enjoy editing music.

I’m not an iPad guy. I just use it for just about everything.

I’m not an iPod guy. I just can’t imagine my life without music.

I’m not a Kindle guy. But getting a new book and starting to read it in ten seconds is amazing.

I’m not a Mystery Skype guy. I simply really enjoy facilitating the opportunity for two classrooms to connect and learn together from great distances.

I’m not a tech guy. I just love everything it allows me to do.

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