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Movenote: Ridiculously simple screencasting tool on the web

movenoteMovenote may be the simplest online tool ever created for screencasting. The website syncs with your Google account and allows users to record themselves flipping through Google Presentations/Docs/PDFS, all while providing video narration from the webcam. Movenote hosts the finished product and allows the creator to send a direct link or embed the video. The website works on Chromebooks as well as Macs/PCs, and there’s even an app in the iTunes store and in the Google Play Store (for the demo at the bottom of the post I’ll be using the online version of Movenote).

How could your students use this tool? Off the top of my head:

  • Book Reviews

  • Website Analysis

  • Recap of the writing process (they review their own work/explain their thinking)

  • Analysis of lab results

  • Explaining a math problem

  • Authentic language practice (reading Spanish story-books, for example)

  • Digital Portfolios (showcase of digital work created over a project/term)

  • And for teachers – you can record lesson recaps/big ideas and post them to your website! (Amazing for absent students or simply reinforcing important learning concepts)

The main drawback is that you cannot record “live” drawing on a whiteboard (like Educreations/Explain Everything) or scrolling through a website (such as recording a screencast using QuickTime), but the webcam, syncing with Google, and utter simplicity of it all makes this a can’t miss tool to share amongst students and faculty. Plus – to turn a drawback into a positive – if a student is recording a book review or website analysis, he or she will be forced to take screenshots and put them into a Google Presentation. This is a GOOD thing, because now the student is planning and organizing more effectively instead of speaking off the cuff.

Click here to watch a sample Movenote to check out it’s capabilities. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Movenote: Ridiculously simple screencasting tool on the web

  1. Hi Jimmy! My name is Sini and I’m writing on behalf of the whole movenote team. We have just published our new add on that enables you to make movenote presentations directly from your inbox. We thought you might appreciate knowing this 😉

    Here are some links for you to help you get to know it: (tutorial)

    I really would love a reply from you!

    All the best,

    Sini Hyytiäinen

    1. Cool – thanks for the heads-up. It worked like a breeze. I will definitely share this with my faculty. Thanks a lot, Sini. Cheers.

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