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A simple guide to screencasting using QuickTime on your Mac

snow_leopard_quicktime_x_iconScreencasting is recording your computer screen and adding audio narration (think about any computer tutorial video you’ve watched, and now imagine you and your students doing this in the classroom!).

Why screencasting?

Screencasting allows the students to become the teachers. Students can teach and explain science concepts, diagram math problems, evaluate a website, debate a historical perspective or create a comprehensive book review using all sorts of multimedia. It’s really all-encompassing, and super-easy to boot. Finished videos can be uploaded to YouTube, posted to your class website, or simply shared and saved privately (but really, screencasts are meant to be shared!).

Teachers can use screencasting to reach visual learners, explain classroom concepts, and provide directions for absent students.

How do I screencast?

On a Mac, use the Quicktime Player to record screencasts. Below is a tutorial video, or, click here for a  Google Doc which explains how to create a screencast and upload it to Google Drive.

Are there are any other good resources for screencasting?

Absolutely. Kathy Schrock’s “Screencasting in the Classroom” contains rubrics, links and other resources. Also, here’s an article from Edudemic detailing 11 reasons why teachers should be creating screencasts.

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