Really cool Google tip…

Caught this on Reddit last night on a thread about Internet shortcuts and tricks. Check out the entire thread for yourself, there’s a lot of awesome tips. This Googling tip comes via user PatFlynnEire: One very powerful, but undocumented, search tool, is the AROUND function. If you wanted to research Barack Obama’s interactions with Australia,… Continue reading Really cool Google tip…

iPads · Professional Development

12 pieces of advice about sharing classroom iPads

There’s a lot of advice to share when it comes to sharing iPads in the classroom – I’m really hitting the tip of the iceberg here. I’ll have some more tips later, but this is a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to give up control to the kids. Most are familiar with this… Continue reading 12 pieces of advice about sharing classroom iPads

Digital Literacy · Lesson Ideas

7 ways to teach digital literacy skills

Fostering digital literacy skills is one of the most difficult tasks for educators. Evaluating and analyzing online resources for accuracy is something that many adults struggle with – we’ve all been bamboozled before, haven’t we? But digital literacy is more than just determining if something is true or false – it’s intelligently and responsibly navigating… Continue reading 7 ways to teach digital literacy skills